How The Process Works

How Do I Sell My House As Is And For Cash In New York?

You can sell your house to Velos Property Solutions in just three simple steps:

Step 1: Fill Out The form

When filling out the Cash Offer Request form on our website, you’ll need to provide some information about the property.

This includes the type and number of garages, the basement’s current condition, the age of the property, the overall current condition of the house, repair or maintenance work needed to be done, occupancy status, circumstances surrounding the sale alongside your basic contact information.

Not complicated, right?

Step 2: Prepare Your Cash Offer

At this stage, you are not expected to take any action; we do all the work! However, due to our core value of business transparency, we’d like to let you in on how we appraise your home and come up with a fair cash price offer.

Provide us with needed and enough information about your house so we can start researching the worth of your property and crafting your offer.

3. Close At Your Convenience And Get Paid

After reviewing our as-is offer and you’re satisfied with it, then we proceed with all necessary paperwork, close at a local title company.

As you can see, our home buying process is as simple as 1,2,3! We offer:

  • Quick cash.
  • Speedy close.
  • Fast payment.

The best part of our processes is you’ll never have to do any repairs, cleaning, or pay any realtor commissions.

For a more detailed explanation about how our Home Buying For Cash process works, continue reading down this page. Or skip the reading and speak to one of us directly at (646)450-8583.

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Let’s break it down for you. It won’t be a complicated math, we promise!

Ready to know how? Great!

(ARV) After Repair Value = This is the $$ value your house would have on the market after all repairs and sometimes renovations have been done. We calculate/estimate this value figure by comparing your house with a similar neighborhood house in standard condition.

Let’s say, for example, Bob recently renovated his house, updating the kitchen, flooring, painting, and bathrooms, and sold it for $300,000.

Now if your house is similar to Bob’s in size, floor plan, and year built, we can estimate your house would sell for $300,000 if brought to Bob’s-like status.

(COR) Repair Costs: This is the dollar amount required to repair broken toilets, bad roofing systems, damaged walls, and every other thing in and out of the house that needs fixing to ultimately bring the house to a condition similar to Bob’s.

Selling Costs: This includes renovation costs, taxes, insurance policies, utilities, advertising costs, closing costs, and realtors’ commission fees.

P.S. These are the fees you’ll never have to pay when you sell your home to us and they usually amount to an additional 10% of the ARV! 😨

Your Offer = After Repair Value x .70 – Repairs – our fee.

(ARV)300,000 x .7 – (Repairs) 45,000 – (our fee) 30,000 = $135,000 is your maximum cash offer!

(ARV)500,000 x .7 – (Repairs) 70,000 – (our fee) 35,000 = $245,000 is your maximum cash offer!

(ARV) 1,350,000 x .7 – (Repairs) 200,000 – (our fee) 60,000 = $685,000 is your maximum cash offer!

Profit: As it might be expected, we’re in business to make profits, to keep bringing to you and others value, pay our employees and contractors, support our families, and fund worthy projects. And speaking of worthy projects, we have the privilege of donating 5% of all our profits to St. Jude Children’s Hospital to help the kids who need such support. With that being said, we keep our profits at a minimum thus producing more volume rather than the other way around. Win-win-win!