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Velos Property Solutions

We are passionate about helping home owners avoid the stresses of selling their house the traditional way, and beautifying our cities one house at a time.

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Velos Property Solutions is a family-owned and operated business based out of Queens, New York, with footprints in other locations nationwide.

We’re a local home buyer buying houses as-is for cash, with fast all-cash payment. Since we pay cash for houses, we provide home owners, including you, with a better way of selling their property super easy and super fast!

Who is behind Velos Property Solutions, you might ask?

Olga Raptis

Mom, wife, court reporter by trade, passionate real estate investor — yes, I wear all these hats and love it! With extended family in law enforcement and parents who instilled in me the values of integrity and hard work, I am truly humbled and blessed to have the knowledge and ability to help YOU in any way I can. I believe in treating people the way I would like to be treated — nothing less is ever acceptable.Having said that, allow me to introduce you to my family/team


My husband, Steffen. My self-proclaimed “security officer,” as he ends up — most of the time — driving me everywhere my home owners need me to be! Seriously, though, he helps and offers a lot of support with the behind-the-scenes aspect of our business, as in coordinating our contractors and making sure that everything and everyone is on time.


My daughter, Evanthia. Full time aircraft mechanic and part time contemporary and ballet dance instructor — yes, all three — all at the tender age of 20! So proud! We appreciate her dedicating her free time to our customer support team. She is very organized and that has been a great help both in our home and business life.


My son, Vlasios. John Jay graduate and climbing the ladder of success — our one-of-a-kind finance whisperer. Very passionate when it comes to numbers and real estate. I can basically run anything by him and he will have the answer. I think he was born “knowing.” Oh, and yes, horses do love him!


And last but not least…our Lexi. Playful and disobedient — the only member of the family who can get away with practically anything — for real. Full time Queen and part time ballerina herself — title is still pending.

Our Core Values

Empathy, respect, integrity, and honesty remain our highest priorities when dealing with clients in New York cities and other locations across the United States.

We understand that selling a house as-is sometimes comes as a result of unforeseen circumstances, as life throws stuff at all of us when we least expect it. So, we show empathy, putting ourselves in a home owner’s shoes, considering how we’ll feel and want to be treated if we are to be the one in their situation.

Whether you’re SELLING to lift off your shoulder a burdensome mortgage due to a divorce, to avoid foreclosure, or because of any other disaster, we don’t take advantage of your situation by offering unfair cash offers or misleading you for our selfish interests or gain.

With respect, we’ll carefully walk you through options you might have never considered before and ultimately help you get the best price value for your house in its current as-is condition.

Our Mission & Vision

As your local home buyers, our service is to help families in the community. We buy houses for cash, flip them for a reasonable profit while providing fair prices for all properties.

Part of our mission is supporting worthy causes. We donate, for example, 5% of our profits to St. Jude Children’s Hospital, a way we take an active role in community support.

We aim to become the largest house flipper in our local service area with a massive footprint nationwide. To realize this vision, we can’t do it alone. Our business is dependent on your satisfaction and referrals.

If you’re selling a house in New York or surrounding locations, let us know, get our fair cash offer, and see if that works for you. If we’re on the same page, we’ll buy your house as-is with fast payment, with no delay whatsoever.

At the end of the day, we want to leave you, other clients, and other local home owners in a much better situation than they are when they found us.

How We Work With Home Owners

If you have any questions about how we work, what the process of selling a house or having us help you avoid foreclosure, or just want to learn more about us… don’t hesitate to contact us anytime!

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